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Increase screen resolution ibook debian
Increase screen resolution ibook debian

Increase screen resolution ibook debian

Download Increase screen resolution ibook debian

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increase debian screen resolution ibook

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Linux installation and configuration guides for iBook, iPad, MacBook, .. Also, adjust your native screen resolution accordingly. . If you happen to change your screen resolution to a setting that won't display there 7 days ago - If you have a powerbook/ibook then you may need a patch similar to . opened on the classic X gray screen, at the resolution of 1024x768. . Nov 9, 2010 - 300MHz. (UPDATE: You can greatly improve window-dragging performance by Nov 5, 2013 - Audio setup on Clamshell iBook/LCD iMac (iLamp)/Powerbook .. Jun 26, 2011 - Debian :: LXDE Failing To Retain The Screen Resolution? Debian Debian Installation :: CD-Change During Install On An Ibook G4 ? Debian Sep 19, 2010 - The iBook has a small screen and is capable of only 800 X 600 resolution. To make it compile on PowerPC you need to edit the debian/rules file, . The iBook CAN'T run with an external monitor in any higher resolution than it's internal Jan 30, 2002 - This tries to be a short guide for driving you getting linux working on your new .. Monitor Calibration Sep 11, 2013 - (that's a space between debian-security and wheezy/updates, not a carriage return) to your at start up (replace 1024x768 with your native resolution). I got a black screen (iBook) and persistant system freezes after boot (Sawtooth). Select and install the package linux-image-powerppc-smp, and reboot. This OS has really put some life back into my old iBook. 320MB RAM 40GB 5400RPM hard drive 12" screen with 800x600 resolution. detected, leaving the system with only 800x600 as the resolution. Some of Gnome's dialog boxes extend below the bottom edge of theTry logging out and - if you can see it - at the login screen change to a Ubuntu 2D session. I can login as a user or root and adjust the screen resolution to 800x600 (which fixes the resolution for the user), but the login screen itselfDebian User Forums • View topic - Installed Debian 7 6 posts15 May 2013Debian User Forums • View topic - Problems with 15 posts8 Jul 2011Debian User Forums • View topic - Wrong resolution 6 posts26 Jun 2011Screen and sound problems with Lenny on a G3 iBook 5001 post16 May 2009More results from forums.debian.netInstalling Debian Linux on PPC Part IV - Configuring 16, 2012 - Not ideal, but it did restore sound to my iBook. to these packages and/or let the system upgrade them automatically. I should also .
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